Shorty Nezirevic – Hip Hop Choreograph im Tanzatelier

Wieder war es ein energetisches Erlebnis – Shorty als Gastdozent im Tanzatelier begrüßen zu dürfen. Nicht nur seine Steps und Choreos sind erfrischend und lebendig, sondern was er unseren Schülern vermittelt ist hörens- und lebenswert. Zwei wunderbare Stunden für´s Baile Team und Lehrreiches, was man mit in die nächsten Stunden nehmen wird. DANKE SHORTY ! Bis zum nächsten Mal 🙂

Hier ein paar Infos über Shorty-

Armin „Shorty“ Nezirevic is the winner of POPSTARS ON STAGE 2007 (category dancers). He started dancing at the age of 18 and in a very short time he became one of the most popular background dancers and choreographers in Germany. He danced for stars such as David Guetta, Kelly Roland, Darin, Matt Pokora and many more. Shorty performed as main act for the Greek-German techno DJane Marusha at the Loveparade. He also choreographed for ex Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Roland to her song „ When Love Takes Over“, which she presented at The Dome. Shorty was also a part of the dance DVD „From Berlin To L.A.“ together with star choreographers like David Moore und Nick Wilson.
In 2009 he took part in „Body Rock“, the world-famous Dance Competition in San Diego, where he represented Germany with his crew „Who Cares!?“. In addition, Shorty regularly extends his skills by taking workshop classes with internationally renowned choreographers like Marty Kudelka, Shaun Evaristo, Nick Bass, Misha Gabriel, Keone & Mariel Madrid and Bryan Tanaka.